SEO Video – What’s it All About?

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13 August 2014

Video SEO has become a popular buzzword in terms of internet marketing techniques, but what is video SEO? It is the art of optimizing your videos in order for them to be easily searchable through search engines.

Similar to running text or content through a search engine optimization process, SEO video techniques allow you to promote your website through gaining search engine real estate, making you seen more easily by a wider audience, helping you to expand outside of Bangkok.

Although Google has actually been including videos in its searches since 2007, many people haven’t really understood the power of video SEO as a marketing tool to promote their website and drive traffic. However video SEO marketing is fast becoming integral to businesses as search engines like YouTube dominate people’s lives and the concept of ‘viral videos’ pushes companies forward.

The question still remains, however, what is video SEO? Video SEO or video marketing works in a series of ways. Firstly, it functions through keywording in the text involved with the video such as the title, the description, the tags, and the metadata. Beyond that, it becomes a process of taking digital ownership of that video, via cross-linking to your website, backlinking, and building links from the website to the video. Lastly, social sharing is an important component of video SEO marketing. Shares across legitimate social platforms are a form of boosting the SEO. Equally, comments and social interaction the video itself will push it up in the rankings, helping to increase traffic.

Why is Video SEO Important?

Now we’ve answered the question ‘what is video SEO’, we ask why it’s important. SEO video techniques are extremely important nowadays. Having advanced form standard SEO techniques, now the internet craves faster information on a plethora of multimedia platforms. In the simplest form, video is more interesting and in our fast-paced lives, a video allows us to receive the same information as text but quicker and with minimal effort. Moreover, videos are more engaging and help to illustrate the point both aurally and visually.

This is why video SEO marketing has broken through in the market. With the help of professionals, such as Toneyes, companies can now use their videos to reach their target audience and to push their website higher up search rankings to enhance the level of traffic flowing through the website.

Think about it like this, when you search in Google, on the ‘web’ tab, it will now display a few videos at the top of the screen; you don’t even need to click the ‘video’ tab anymore. This can give your company prime real estate of Google by showcasing your company. This opens the door for exceptional video marketing and allows you to reach wider audiences beyond just those in Bangkok.

Moreover, social sharing is so ingrained in our everyday lives that social users create a snowball effect whereby they share your video and this is shared by more users and more and more until your tendrils reach far beyond your immediate audience.

Full circle, this shows exactly why video SEO marketing is so important. Without SEO video techniques employed, your videos won’t reach the top of search engine rankings, won’t be seen by potential clients, and therefore won’t be shared. A video SEO strategy is vital to ensuring that you can reach your audience at a base level in order to start the process of reactive community marketing.

What You Need to Know About Video SEO

There are three main points about Video SEO strategies that are vital to its success:

1. Quality of the video

The initial video needs to be of good quality. Not just in terms of technological quality, but also in terms of content. Videos such as these should be engaging, educative, and entertaining. You need to ensure that you are bringing a worthwhile and shareable message to your audience which tells them something they want to know, something about your company, and something that keeps them engaged.
Similarly to poor written content, poor video content won’t go anywhere and search engines will rank it poorly. Video marketing is extremely influential but only if it engages the audience for the right reasons. In other words, it should be used as a tool to improve website traffic but have a real message.

2. Video SEO Marketing Needs a Strategy

One video isn’t good enough. Like website content, you need to keep it fresh. People are fickle in their internet browsing and a video that takes the world by storm today, could be gone tomorrow. You need to continually maintain engagement. This means delivering new messages, continuously, with the same level of quality. Many people tend to use a series of videos which unravel an end goal, as this keeps users coming back to hear more.

3. Video SEO Doesn’t Work Over Night

Patience is key. Ask yourself ‘What is Video SEO?’ It’s a process that requires backlinking, sharing, cross linking and so on. This doesn’t happen overnight. This gradually builds in an organic fashion. Faking this organic growth will actually damage your strategy and cause. You need to let your video work through the channels correctly otherwise search engines will give it poor rankings. The only way to do this is to create engaging content worth sharing.

How Will SEO Video Techniques Benefit You?

This is obvious. Video SEO marketing helps to get your video out to the correct audience who are then free to share this information. This creates a trail of links which search engines will recognize and will translate into higher rankings. Both the sharing and the high rankings make your video more visible to a wider audience outside of Bangkok, which in turn makes your company more visible. This increased visibility creates more traffic which in turn creates more sales. Simple!

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