The Secret of a good Graphic Design

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28 July 2017
Think outside the box

The field and requirements of graphic design and any design related field today has completely evolved as requirements and expectations are becoming much higher than ever. One of the most important graphic design tips is to highly invest your thoughts into graphic design or any design related medium. Additionally, invest more time getting inspiration, researching and developing the concept.

And make sure that before you start to sketch, your mind has decided on what you would like to do.

The Message is the key, Appearance comes second

Many designers still struggle with the fast innovation and requirements that follows the job and becoming a graphic designer. As a design agency our self we suggest and recommend another very important trick of our graphic design tips: Graphic design is not just making things look pretty or about technical skills, graphic design is about the message. You can create a stunning design, the most beautiful poster design or a kickass logo, but if you don't bring across the message to the target audience then you have failed.

Be more of a designer and less of an artist

Another important point of our graphic design tips is: Be a designer and not an artist. In our agency we have worked with a lot of freelancers that have the mentality of an artist. What this means is videographers or graphic design designers that are very artistic. Although they make beautiful shots, they loose their focus on capturing the message and concept, functionality and the effectiveness of the video. By becoming blindsided with their own perspective and becoming too focused with their own thoughts as a result of their ignorance, they end up completely ignoring the perspective of their audience.

There is a stark difference between these two. Artists want to change the world and try to have other people see their own perspective. Designers try to make the world a better place and create artwork from the perspective of their target audience.

In today’s market it is important to understand that it is crucial to create a design from the perspective of your target audiences. As evident, art has also changed. Nowadays less people care about Picasso and more people care about Banksy, the street artist, as people can actually understand the message that is being given and not playing a guessing game in order to understand the artist.

Think and design from the perspective of your target audience and not what you personally think is right.

Design Processartist

Another big mistake where many designers have failed in is Photoshop. While Photoshop is very beneficial and widely used for design purposes, Photoshop can turn into a Design Destroyer. When people open Photoshop and design directly on the screen, the same people usually experience a blackout. At this stage a lot of designers will start looking for graphic design tips and tricks on how to prevent a blackout. In reality, the solution to this is simple: Don't use software as all the great ideas originates from your mind.

First, the idea needs to be crafted in your mind first. This means that you must be able to picture the final outcome in your mind. Only after doing so can you now use Photoshop in order to realize your idea.

Steps of creating design:

1. Understand (get all the requirements and all kind of information about your target audience the products, etc.)

2. Research (check for references, create a mood-board even for small works)

3. Concept (sketch and talk to other designers about your idea, or present your idea to the client before you begin digitalizing.)

4. Digitalization in Photoshop


Design has changed and has now become a small part of the actual work of a real designer. Designers understand best on how to solve a problem in order to get a message across to the target audience.

Put more focus on the message. If you deliver the message successfully, this means your work has been done correctly. Try to solve the problem rather than creating problems by being too artistic!

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