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17 February 2017
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Video is going to be the number one media in the future. Already all famous social media platforms are focusing their focus to the important video media. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram already launching their video features. Live streams of Facebook and Youtube also are going to be the hot trend for 2017.

How our creative agency in Bangkok takes on the Trend

As a web agency we have now put our focus as well on video graphics, motion design and video production. In 2016 our agency expanded their service into video production and post production. The reason for it was that everybody hiring us for a website or web application was in need for a company video.

How important a video now and days is

People keep asking us how they can present their brand or idea in the easiest way? And our answer is with a video, film or video graphics. The reason is simple; With video you can represent your brand in the best way, it is involving to power of picture, graphics, audio and context. It literally involves every communication medium into one package. With today's technology of streaming and loading video in a quick way even on mobile devices, video is literally taking over the world.

What are the important points to create a video graphics or a company video?

Creating a successful video is not that simple. We have worked with a lot of videographers and freelancers. And you can end up by investing so much in a beautiful video without really seeing the video invested in taking a positive effect on your sales and brand build up. Now you are asking yourself, why is that? What is the most important part of a successful brand video?

The most important point is, the concept of a video. The concept is the base of building a video or a video graphics project. Here you also get more information about the exact step of how to create a awesome video. Please see following link:

How to create awesome videos (this blog is in production, like our facebook page to stay updated when it is launched.)

What can you archive with videos, video graphics & motion design?

Videos give you the power to explain things your way and let your clients understand and see your perspective. With a powerful concept you can aware people of certain needs, strengthen your brand and tell simply stories to get messages to your clients in the most effective way.

Our creative agency is doing its part on video graphics and motion design

Our agency is totally focussing on this medium this year. If you are a student attending a university and looking to learn how to create awesome videos, send us your portfolio and CV, we are always looking for talented motivated people in our internship program.

Read all about the Internship program here.

If you are a client or somebody wants to create a video for his own business please send us a message on our contact page.

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