What is Graphic Design All About?

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18 May 2016
All about Graphic Design

Have you ever bought something just because of its attractive or unique design, even if you originally did not intend to purchase it? With information overload and people having shorter attention span, a lot of the messages companies or organizations want to bring across does not reach its target audience.

However, with an appealing visual design, this can be prevented and messages can get across. As a result, companies spend a lot of their budget on the marketing aspect in order to maximize their sales or the effectiveness of their campaigns. One of the ways that this is achieved is through the help of graphic design. So what is graphic design all about?

What is Graphic Design?

You may not realize it, and you may ask your self what graphic design is all about? Graphic design is actually present all around you. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary graphic design is “using design elements to convey information or create an effect”. This means that everything you see that requires any physical or online visual design, such as a product design, poster design, the logos embossed, and web design, all involve some kind of graphic art.

However, did you know that designing not only is a type of visual art that can attract your target audience but also a tool to pass on your message to them. One example of this is Amazon’s logo. Ever notice how it is designed? Although some people may notice a smile from the arrow, some may also notice that the arrow starts from “a” and points to “z”. This seems to give a message to the mass that with its reliable and fast delivery service, Amazon aims to satisfy everyone by making their lives more convenient and providing everything anyone may need.

What is Graphic Design All About? It is all about connecting to your target audience.

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Start with “Why” before designing

Although a logo is just a small element of the total design for a campaign, a company, or a product, this demonstrates that not only is a design used to show to company or product’s image or attract customers, design is also used to show the reason, or the “why”, of its existence. As a result, before doing any type of designing, it is very important to understand the “why” of the company.

However, understanding the “why” of a company is not enough as it also requires a collaborative team to execute “why” of the company effectively through all the design being made. Thus, with understanding the “why” and a team that can execute it, all your designs do not only become a normal design but one that demonstrates the core belief of the company. This allows all your design and the company to make an impact and be different from the others in the market. This is emphasized by Simon Sinek in his TED Talk about always starting with the “why” of a company before starting anything.

Types of Graphic Design

So if you are still asking your self what is graphic design all about? Then continue reading the following;

In order to execute the “why” well through the graphic design, there are many different elements to this. These design elements include, but not limited to:

• Line Forms
• Style
• Texture
• Colors
• Space
• Shapes
• Pictures

Depending on the type of media, whether it is a printed graphic design, a web design, or an online graphic design, some (or all) of the design elements are used in order to create a splendid graphic art. For example, with line forms, whether it is a straight, curved, thick or thin lines, each type of line used creates a different effect for the design. Using the various types of lines, combined or separately, this creates an impactful design which can clearly demonstrate the “why” and reach its target audience.

Similarly, for colors, each color is used in a combination or alone would evoke different emotions to people, such as black and white depicting sophistication and warm colors evoking cheerful feelings. Additionally, if used correctly, colors can attract your target audience. Therefore, depending on your company or product the colors that will be used will differ.

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Tools used in Graphic Design

No matter if it is normal graphic art or web design there are various tools used to create them. These are:

• Computer Programs
• Graphic Designing Books
• Pencils & Sketchpads

Nowadays, designing things graphically is impossible without the use of computer programs. Even if you just make a poster or a motion graphics video, which uses elements of graphic design, computer programs is necessary to create it. Although nowadays softwares are used instead of the traditional way of using pencils and sketchpads, when planning or brainstorming these two tools can be used before designing it with a software. Lastly, no matter how developed technology for graphics are, graphic art books is still a useful tool for developing new techniques and inspirations. I hope that is helping answering your question; " what is graphic design all about? "

Although there are many elements to this, when used correctly, visual graphics can become a powerful tool for your marketing and design strategy. For our services in this field read more here.

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