Why Kraken.io for your Image Optimization?

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27 October 2014

What is image optimization anyway? There's a question more website owners should be asking themselves.

When someone visits your website, you may be using images up to three times larger than they need to be, which means your website storage space will fill up more quickly, and on your user's end, your website will be taking more time to load. Image optimization fixes this, compressing images as much as possible without any observable degradation in quality.

How do I optimize images for Web?

Image optimization sounds great. But how do you optimize images? What kind of image optimizer software do you need? What's the best png optimizer online that you can use? There is only one real option when it comes to image optimization - Kraken.io. In terms of pricing and quality, you cannot go past these guys. If you want to optimize images, Kraken.io is the place to go.
For as little as $5 a month, Kraken.io will provide a plethora of image optimization features, making the process as simple as possible with basic and easy on-screen instruction, using their world class image optimizer software. They offer a vast variety of tools. You can optimize images in your Dropbox directly, or optimize images on your hard drive, or optimize images straight from a url. Additionally, by using their special "page cruncher" feature, you can optimize every image on a given website. You will not find a better png optimizer online anywhere. If you want to optimize images for web, nobody does it better than Kraken.io.

Why choose Kraken.io over competitors?

Kraken.io aspires to make everything as easy as possible, with intuitive site design and features that anyone can learn to use. Anybody should be able to figure out how to optimize images in no time at all. In addition to its paid features, Kraken.io offers a special free image optimizer that anyone can use, though of course, if you want to access its advances image optimizer features, you will need to subscribe.
All the same, the prices available at Kraken.io are extremely competitive and considering the quality of its image optimizer software, it blows its competition out of the water. Nobody can optimize images as well as Kraken.io, and that's why they come so highly recommended.

Advantages of image optimization

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You don't want server space clogged up with unnecessary files, especially when website servers often charge inordinate fees for every website. Image optimization, especially for websites that feature a large variety of images, can significantly reduce the server space being used, and, as such, can reduce the amount that a website owner pays, excellently warding off the next pay bracket.
Furthermore, when someone visits your website, you want their experience to be as smooth and painless as possible. You don't want them to wait around all day while your images load. In a world where any video or any song can be streamed immediately, waiting two seconds too long can make all the difference. That's why you need to optimize images at sites like Kraken.io - for your website to remain competitive and powerful in a cluttered marketplace.

Why not start today?

Everybody needs image optimization - there's no two ways about it. They're great for business, and essential for the success of your website. Check Kraken.io out here.

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