Why Online Video is the Future of Content Marketing

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18 August 2015

At this present day and age, a video has been making its presence known everywhere. Companies that disregard the existence of videos are likely to be in a dangerous situation. This is because online videos have been perceived as the future of content marketing.

The challenge now is for you to ponder where would you be in the video realm five years from now? Would you still be reading this write-up or would you be indulged in videos? This is such an interesting question to consider as videos online continue to soar high.

Based on the projection released by Cisco, two years from now, the video will comprise 69% of the internet traffic. Video-on-demand visitors may have practically increased. Leafing by way of a swathe of data on the subject, it is somehow difficult to seek for any indicator that does not imply quick development.

Online videos as the future of content marketing are rapidly become a major mode for individuals to fill their entertainment and information needs, organizations that are unable to incorporate it into their online marketing approaches will perform at their risk. Videos paint the future horizon for the world of content marketing. Some research studies demonstrate that over fifty-percent of organizations are already utilizing this medium as the future of marketing - a new structure that may be predicted to go up because an increasing number of organizations recognize the probabilities.

According to Nielsen’s statistics, 64 percent of online marketers are projecting videos to govern their tactics in the coming years. This is not difficult to perceive why. In matters about potential reach for the future of content marketing, online video is incomparable. YouTube, the widest site for videos has over one billion monthly visitors. This surpasses the number of viewers of any channel, other than Facebook.

The accomplishment testimonies connected with videos that have become viral are legendary. A newly released marketing campaign from the car-maker, Volkswagen, for instance, noticed some tripled number of views after it achieved over 155 million. In the event that these numbers appear out of reach for organizations without a 12-figure income streams, these people at the least display video’s natural share-ability.

As the future of content marketing, let the audience take part and they will reveal the actual video online with other people. They may invest more time on your website and more time interacting with your latest brand. For almost any social networking marketing campaign, virtually any search engine marketing practice for the future of marketing, online videos are definitely among the most efficient methods in the system.

Videos online are highly engaging in a time where there is information overload. Hence, it is just right to consider videos as the future of content marketing. It is essential for organizations to provide content that can be easily digested. In the failure to do so, consumers will seek for other companies that can offer this easy-to-digest content. Applications including Twitter’s Vine has a six-second clip. This app has significantly increased the chance for organizations that are on a constrained budget to be stuck in.

If you are thinking of a good return on investment, you need to consider the people who are attempting to reach you and make sure that the video you produce is relevant. Never disregard the power of social media. And most importantly, unleash your creativity. Creativity is effective in winning the production costs. Get the video right because this will be the future of content marketing.

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