Why the right communication is the key to success

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11 May 2016
Communication is the key to success

Communication in all its forms is one of the fundamentals of our daily lives. And we are all practitioners of it. The better we are able to communicate the chance of success will be higher.

You may be very clever, hard working, but you will undoubtedly get further with good improved communications skills.

Effective communication exists in any business, from interview to the TV commercial. Many small and medium-sized enterprises will be able to achieve great benefits if they work more closely with communication on different levels and forms. This work is often neglected because successful communication belongs in the soft and intangible portion of the competence spectrum. And this is despite the fact that it constitutes such an important part of a successful company.

Successful communication should be prioritized and considered as an important resource that makes the difference between success and failure. Think of how many companies providing virtually identical products. Here you determine communication skills greatly, who sticks out from the crowd and perhaps eventually run with the orders. At Toneyes we concentrate on our communication in the company, but more importantly between the client and us. For Toneyes communication is the key to providing our clients with the best service and success by understanding their needs.

Successful communication

What does effective communication means? There are probably as many answers to this question as there are individuals. A successful communication can be staged in three phases: core, external factors and staging. Understanding the different stages and what actually happens while we’re communicating, helps you to improve you’re communication skills.

1. Core

Communication is always based on the people who constitute in a business. The core is unique to each person and consists of personality, emotions, values, attitudes and motives. The core brings your company diversity, every employee brings different personalities and different aspects to the work. A kind of inner influencers, as we do not always think about or consciously work in effective communication contexts.

2. External factors

Around the inner core we have the development, learning and experience created a layer of external factors, in particular, consists of theory, empirical methods, models and tools. This layer is no longer unique for each individual. You can effect you external factors by gaining knowledge and practise which can help to improve your communication skills. Remember Communication is the key tool you can open in each communication situation.

3. Staging

The outer layer consists of effective communication staging, which is comparable to a successful communication strategy in other contexts. It is the individual consciously chosen strategy for how example, he will be perceived, seen and shown. After seeking new effective communication skills you can in staging 3 control them. At Toneyes this layer is very important because it indicate that it’s the effort we do every day by communication in a dynamic team that makes our communication successful.

A successful communication requires involvement, commitment and energy. Without these you won't be able to capture the receiver. If you want to succeed communication is the key by making an effort, which requires thorough preparation. But the processed may never stand in the way of the flexibility, the ability to change direction and adapt to ever-changing realities. Read more about how you can improve your creative thinking and effecive communication here.

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