A Pandemic Love Story - A Design Industry Calibration

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21 January 2022
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A Story of an Agency During the Pandemic. The design industry took away heavy losses. Next to the tourism industry, the design industry needed to adapt and cope during these years. This is the story of our agency. 

Our brand agency's approach was: "It’s not about the money, it is about what we do."

This has been our philosophy since the founding of Toneyes over 7 years ago. It was always a curse of the Toenyes Brand Agency with its value to sometimes do more because it was needed for the project outcome. To do more because it was the right thing to do. 

During the COVID times, our agency coped with clients that we worked together with for over 4 years, and it was those little extra things that gave our clients the trust and motivation to know we would get the job done in a flexible way.

This Philosophy was handed over and part of our company's value since the beginning, and never left our company management. We always knew where we came from and where we started, in a small team with a simple idea to build a company with one vision and to focus on design and not on business. 

The Return of Jedi's 

Where profit oriented companies took a dive. We, as an independent studio, adapted during the times working closely with our clients that trust us, so we can go through this journey together. It requires adaptations and time, but adaptation comes easier with people you work with for years.

Go Through The Journey's With Your Clients, Before Them

We were one of the first companies to activate remote working right after the outbreak of COVID in Asia. The reason was simple; You need to go through what your clients will go through, and we need to be prepared to still be there if everything locks down. 

A quick move to a decentralised office and implementation of remote working technologies gave our team a step ahead to be prepared, ready, and fully functional on Bangkok’s shutdown. We as well helped our clients set up their remote working stations and lead them through the concept of remote working, giving our clients the trust that everything is going to work out just fine. 

We invested time into an AgencyApp, keeping our clients informed and linking them to our project management system with project updates and more. 

Ensure Flexibility of every single employee and keep them safe and ready for work from anywhere in the world.

Adaptations Became More Important Than Ever

Adaptations as well became more important than ever. Most of the common mistakes that businesses seem to have made is to wait for better times, or resting on the belief that things will get better. That's why a lot of businesses struggled to hold themselves over water during the COVID crises. 

As a brand agency, we were required to adapt and predict skills that companies would require, shifting the focus towards the new online representation media such as videos, more advanced web technology, mobility and digitalisation. It is always better to prepare for the times to come and deal with it before the actual effects are taking place. 

Our agencies have learned new web technologies such as mapbox to create additional interactivity with user data so it can be used on our clients website. 

We have also upgraded our video production so we can take more professional product videos and worked with well known brands to create the first videos. 

We have shifted to more digital design and left behind our print focused design department morphing into a multimedia department focusing on presentation, E-brochures and more. 

Our creative designers developed their own skills into web design so we can be more effective and quicker in launching websites for our clients. Reducing cost in development of the basic web structure, so we can invest more time in interactivity. 

Since then, we have as well digitised our communications, by having all meetings via video chat, and have invested more time into better consulting by simply giving our clients more time. 

How to apply for an internship

At Toneyes, there is a lot of great learning experiences awaiting for you in the following fields:

  • Web Design
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  • Motion Graphic Design
  • Online Marketing

If you are wanting to take up the challenge and go in a journey full of learning experiences, send all documents and information listed below at the following contact:


Documents and Information required:

  • CV
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