Branding Agency Pattaya - Toneyes opens Facilities in Pattaya.

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25 February 2022
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Since the new Normal Toneyes has digitized the agency. The benefit of working from home has disbursed their employees all over Thailand. The Branding Agency has part of their work force in the Chonburi province. The Agency is opening a creative workshop studio in Pattaya. We create the path to join the local market.

Pattaya has changed its name and image to be more concentrating to the local tourism. Pattaya has attracted lots of Tourism from Bangkok and now as well companies. The city is shifting its target audience and Toneyes wants to catch the wave.

Toneyes has opened its first workshop studio.

Lots of people asking us; "Didn't Toneyes go digital, and why is it needed to have offices across the Nation?". 

Creating small offices across the nation holds an important concept. The office in Pattaya has become a training facility to train people. As well it creates for our team a place to work and travel and motivate people to meat each outside the busy Bangkok. 

The Branding Agency as well has its existing local clients such as Amata and more. Here we focussing on the industrial and estate market. Giving us flexibility to disburse consulting and production teams in the area.

The branding agency wants to shake up the branding market in Pattaya. We want to create a more competitive market. Raising the standards and creating a platform for  local next generation designers.

There are different well known international school in the Chonburi Area. Giving the Brand Agency Toneyes the interest to recruit interns living in that area.

The design agency is offering the following services:

• Branding Design
• Graphic Design Services
• Web Design Services
• Web Development Services
• Video & Motion Design Services
• Social Media Companies
• Digital Design Production

For more info for interns please follow this link:

How to apply for an internship

At Toneyes, there is a lot of great learning experiences awaiting for you in the following fields:

  • Web Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Motion Graphic Design
  • Online Marketing

If you are wanting to take up the challenge and go in a journey full of learning experiences, send all documents and information listed below at the following contact:


Documents and Information required:

  • CV
  • Portfolio
  • How long will your internship be?
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