Cheerleading for a Creative Agency Team, Remotely.

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25 January 2022
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Motivation is the key to a successful company. See how our Creative Agency's Motivation Strategy works specifically for people working remotely. 

Motivation - Communication

Communication is the keypoint, specifically for creative people. During the COVID times, remote working has become well known and at the first glance, people loved it. Getting up later than usual and saving more time during the day was for many employees a dream come true. 

But the 4 walls and a screen can quickly become the enemy of your motivation. This was the first concern for our management when we started initiating the work from home concept. 

Therefore, we took a look at different virtual office solutions, and we ended up working with the application Tandem Chat. Tandem Chat gives you a simulation of a virtual office. You can walk into a room and talk with your team at any time and share your screen. It's a totally different experience than Skype. 

Management and Discipline

Self Discipline and giving employees a clear overview about their work is important. We have gone so far that the project management system that we use is the core of our operations. We use ApolloHQ.

Go Through The Journeys Of Your Clients, Before Them

We were one of the first companies activating remote working in 2019 right before the outbreak of COVID in Asia. The reason was simple; You need to go through what your clients will go through, and we need to be prepared to still be there if everything closes down. 

A quick move to a decentralised office and implementation of remote working technologies gave our team a step ahead to be prepared, ready and fully functional on Bangkok’s Shut Down. And as well we helped our clients set up their remote working stations and led them through the concept of remote working, giving our clients the trust that everything is going to work out just fine. 

We invested time into an AgencyApp, keeping our clients informed and linked to our project management system with project updates and more. We Ensured Flexibility of every single employee and kept them safe and ready for work from anywhere in the world.

Keep People Busy During The Pandemic & Motivate With Freedom 

For most employees, the pandemic has had a hard impact on their private life. It is important to keep them busy during the work time as usual. An Employee's workplace is an important part of their life and it should be adapted to be better. 

  • Giving freedom and more flexibility by having people working from home
Keep people busy with clear deadlines
  • Even if there are not a lot of projects, create projects and PR work. 
  • Motivate people and keep them moving by creating outdoor projects where people need to move around and get out of their houses or apartments.
Freedom restriction during pandemic call for professional freedom

How to apply for an internship

At Toneyes, there is a lot of great learning experiences awaiting for you in the following fields:

  • Web Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Motion Graphic Design
  • Online Marketing

If you are wanting to take up the challenge and go in a journey full of learning experiences, send all documents and information listed below at the following contact:


Documents and Information required:

  • CV
  • Portfolio
  • How long will your internship be?
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