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09 December 2016
Think outside the box

To run an agency can be really hard and stressful and work at the agency mostly is profit focused and runned by numbers. Here comes a young agency that has chosen that the passion for design should drive the agency and not numbers.

No place for egos

The creative agency in Bangkok has been founded by Daniel Benz with the idea the preserve the agency as creative agency of the people. The idea is to build a team that focuses their production on quality and creativity to achieve a products that looks different and is truly unique.

Since its foundation in march 2014, Toneyes stood with the youngest possible team with the average age of 24 against older agency strong and is running now in the 3rd year. The team is build on straight forward criticism, to focus on ever evolving quality in the company's product.

In all decision the better good of the whole team is always as priority, so there is no place for big Egos in the company. This turned Toneyes into a platform for equal individuals that work together on the same level and create with individual skills a unified force that creatives truly unique graphic design and websites with focus to implement in every element an unique and powerful brand message.

The creative agency code

Toneyes keeps several codes to preserve the value what matter what. Which defines the preserves the agency’s value and direction.

The most important thing is that Toneyes absolutely preserves the heritage and defends the idea of Toneyes, that the agency is a gathering of group of talented individuals and therefore a platform for designers.

Secondary the respect for the client plays another important role. The creative agency in Bangkok focuses on putting the client's interest first. Any solution provided by Toneyes must put clients interest into priority, doesn’t matter if the solution means profit cuts to the company. Of course there always will be a balancing of the agency and the client's interest, after all the company exists for the people that are working for the agency and the people that the agency is working for.

The creative agency has learned that the best outcome of a product is guaranteed when the team holds together. That is the reason the agency preserves a unique company structure. Every creative designer, developer or copywriter work independently under a brief and standard supervised by the creative board, the company. With the believe to give the highest amount of responsibility and creative freedom for input, Toneyes creates a truly creative environment, that creates a inspiring creative place for talented people at the creative agency.

Seamless Integration of all medias to create a better product

The creative agency in Bangkok focuses to seamlessly mix together graphic design, motion graphics, web design and development to archive a unique product. The agency believes strongly that every media that they are working with, playes an important role in visual communication.

See here the latest showreel of Toneyes, and see how the agency is working with graphics, motion, video and web technology to achieve unique projects.


Toneyes Showreel 

“The importance is not with what we build it, but how”

The creative agency in Bangkok focuses on concept after all, all projects created are build on a strong concept foundation.

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