A Creative Agency that Chose to be Working Class Heroes

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12 January 2015

The Toneyes team members weren’t solely chosen for their skills and expertise. This is because determination, personality, and commitment also play an important role in our company.

We have chosen to be an authentic company, who works for much more than a paycheck. As a Creative Agency, we have decided to be working class heroes. But of course you may be asking us, what does this mean?

It’s simple. Our ideological foundation is to positively impact the world around us. We never planned to change the world, but only work towards making the place we live a better place every single day. That’s why it’s important, as a Professional Web Design Company and Creative Agency, to view the world with the same eyes as the common person. All of our team members come from various social structures, producing creative meetings with feedback from all possible perspectives.

We are passionate about putting everything we can into our work, creating superb results. But the Toneyes team is even more passionate about talking to people from all corners of the world, because we believe growth transpires by communicating with others different from us.

For example, Daniel the managing director of Toneyes, strives to connect with a spectrum of individuals from all social structures. He is half Thai and half Swiss, raised in Switzerland, and observed a multitude of social gaps growing up. Daniel especially witnessed the struggle Thai people endured integrating into Swiss society, similar to the one foreigners experience coming into Thailand. Daniel voices that, “The key to integration is communication. Living with all kinds of people will make you understand the world much better, because there is never just one picture of the world. Life is not only beautiful or unfair, life is everything in between, and is a culmination of thousands of stories and perspectives. Understanding people, clients, businesses and ideas is the key to success. And as a Creative Agency, life experience is one of the most important things that every team member of Toneyes must focus on. Through understanding, we can make the world a better place.”

Toneyes analyzes every product and service to the minute detail, in order to improve the overall communication for our clients target audience. We as a Professional Web Design Company and Creative Agency don’t separate our personal and professional life, because each part is an important to the bigger picture.

Our private lives shape who we are, which influences our way of communicating and seeing the world; and our professional lives give us the skills to be successful in life.

Toneyes marketing strategy doesn’t only focus on getting the most out of the business, but focusing on the needs of our clients, which we take complete and full pride in. Our mission is to take our clients from where they are, to where they want to be.

We as a Creative Agency rather stay working class heroes, attempting to be the best in what we do. Our Creative Agency aims to give people a unique voice in a competitive business world.


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