The Launch of the AgencyApp

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10 January 2020
toneyes internship

Many different things have been created through that idea.

At Toneyes, we have always wanted to be different with how we do things. With this mentality, we have recently launched our AgencyApp that brings our way of client approach into a brand new light. Our app provides a glimpse of our work processes, giving a window to our agency. With just a button away, clients are kept on track about their projects, they could easily create tasks, and efficiently communicate with our team members. 

Experience the Features of the AgencyApp

The AgencyApp consists of features that will complete the app experience.

agencyapp screenshot


Dashboard serves an overview of our clients' account. This also displays their SPOQ package status. Clients without SPOQ could also now avail a package through this app. This tab also gives access to all of the clients' projects. The Dashboard also showcases Toneyes' very own creative videos and blogs that clients can enjoy while working on the app.


In Projects, clients can see key information regarding all of their projects. Pressing a project would lead our clients to associated tasks. These would direct them to linked engagements with our team members, and real-time updates about the status of their projects. This function also allows clients to actively be a part of the process of every single design creation.

Create Task

With a single press, clients can easily send revisions that they would like the team to know. In Create Task, clients could quickly snap a photo or send an exisiting one with details of what needed to be changed with their projects. These tasks go straight to our project management system that allows our agency to resolve fixes as fast as possible. Effortless, quick, and reliable!

My Files

We want to make sure our clients will have a convenient time using the AgencyApp. With the My Files function linked with Google Drive, clients can store and directly access files that are needed for their corresponding projects.

My Tasks

This function is designed to help both our clients and our team. It is like our clients' very own checklist. Its function is to be a platform to be able to let our agency members to assign all required information and materials needed from the clients to be able to finish all of the projects quickly and with a great quality finish. 

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