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06 April 2016
Toneyes’s Perspective on Customer Service

“Where our words will be forgotten, our creation will last long after we leave this place.” - Toneyes

Just as what the quote stated, the words and the process when doing something may be long forgotten after some time, especially if there was no impact to it. However, through the result of the process, the outcome of it tends to have a bigger impact to them, especially if the outcome fully satisfies the recipient. This tends to stick in a person’s head, depicting the achievement of a good customer service and outcome that many companies strive to achieve.

Many may wonder how to provide a high customer service standard for all clients, disregarding the different standards each client may have until they are satisfied. However, what many may not know is that this can easily be achieved if one has the right mindset and attitude. Below are some of the mindset and attitude that should be undertaken when trying to provide the right customer service.

1. Share the client’s passion

“Where there’s no heart, there’s no success.” – Toneyes

Before doing anything regarding the project, understand fully the reasoning behind their decision to hire us in order to change or have something new done towards their business. This would allow better understanding regarding their passion towards their product and business, therefore enabling us to share their passion towards the project we will be in charge with. With passion being the number one driver to making projects successful, this emphasizes the importance of sharing the client’s passion in order to provide a first-rate customer service.

2. Understand the client’s needs

“Only by understanding the problem it’s then possible to solve the problem.” – Toneyes

After sharing their passion, this can give a better insight about what they want, therefore seeing their idea in their point of view. This would include understanding the requirements needed in a project, the information and research required for a successful project, and the product or service that the client desire.

Although it may to difficult to discern at first, one needs to be a hard worker and push forward in order to solve the client’s problems and have them satisfied from your customer service. Only when you do whatever it takes to understand their needs best, by making sure you cover all the required bases, you can then be confident that you understand their needs.

3. Be motivated, even if it is outside your comfort zone

One problem that people face during projects is the decrease in motivation as time passes by, especially when facing hard situations. With motivation being another key to succeed in your project, in addition to passion, it is important to maintain the motivation towards the project from beginning to end as motivation and passion are interrelated.

Having a can do attitude, which is a form of motivation and passion, is also important when being outside your comfort zone, as this will affect your mindset when facing problems during the project. As hard worker tend to have can do attitude, this explains why many hard worker achieve success and still provide a high customer service level despite it being very difficult for them at first.

Here is a TED Talk by Mel Robbins regarding how going outside your comfort zone will trigger activation energy.

4. Get the job done in the most efficient way

On top of being a hard worker and focus on work, knowing how to balance time well is essential in order to do things most efficiently. Without doing things at a balance, which means balancing time, the effectiveness and outcome of the product, this would hinder the company to do things efficiently in an acceptable amount of time. At a balance, this allows the company to exist and the client to stay within their budget, thus benefiting both parties.


By keeping the above suggestions in mind, this can provide the right customer service and obtain happier and more satisfied clients. Keep in mind having the right attitude as described above, thus being a hard worker and focus on work, would allow you to give the best possible solution to your clients, thus achieving the desired customer service level.

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