Why Modern Web Design Requires a Brand Strategy and SEO

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24 October 2016
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We are a design and web agency in Bangkok and where observing the web design and its requirements and trends through several years. There are many companies starting now, especially in Thailand. And also as clients, we understand the important question is, what do I need? What is the right decision and why are there so many different price patterns.

When do you need a website?

Well this is simple, you need a website when you are looking for clients or if you want to keep a community and distribute your brand, but generally nowadays you always need one. A website is like a store. Now your decision is if you need a shop on the main road or in a small side alley where no visitor pass.

Search Engine Optimisation - expose your website to the public

Search Engine Optimisation of your web content is becoming a standard nowadays. Don’t be fooled by the companies telling you it is not and that your website will list all by itself. Some people just do not know how to do it and some companies just try to rank your website on the first page with your company name.

Search Engine Optimisation means to analysis and define your keywords. Keywords are words where your target audience searches your services or product through certain words. There are different tools that you can use to find out the keywords and the monthly search queries done on the search engines. Google Keyword Tool offers a free tool for this issue. In addition, Google Keyword Planner is a tool within Google Adwords, so you would need to subscribe for an Adwords account.

How to build a website and what points next to web design are important?

The sentence: “I just need a simple website” is the wrong approach in many cases. A standard web project shouldn’t involve a simple programming or installation of a website template anymore. Most of the SME’s and big companies are now using the internet, you need to involve a brand strategy specifically for your online marketing. Here are the following questions and things you need for a new website to set a successful brand strategy:

  1. Think Web Design, define your vision and communicate with your clients in a distinguished way.
  2. Get a good developer, be sure all technical standards are well taken care off, for your future optimisation you would need to have a technical support
  3. Concept and Content Strategy, your website needs to have the content, doesn’t matter if you just need to have a corporate website or if you building up a listing website. Content is what counts! For your user as well as the search engines.
  4. SEO optimisation, Search engine optimisation exposes your website to the world. The optimization will be done through content  and also offsite, through thinking about a Backlink Campaign.

  5. Build a Community, capture your users and clients and have them returning to your websites and have them informing about your business are one of the most important things. Like a restaurant without returning customers, your website will never be successful. You can achieve this through a newsletter signed up and a newsletter strategy or a successful social media campaign.
  6. Website Maintainance, your website needs to be on the latest technology and needs to continue updating informations, you mostly achieve this through a blog, which its articles create important landing pages that act like a door for new users streaming to your website.
  7. Make your website profitable, a website is here for a reason and to have a successful website you need to have funds to maintain it correctly.

The Brand of the website is the weapon and the most important thing that lead to success. A successful brand strategy for your web design and website design project are what lead to the required trust to control your audience.

Why is Brand Strategy so important?

For most businesses a website opens a door to their clients. The first impression is the most important one. A professional web presence and a strong brand deliver the needed trust to have your users to engage with your business.

A successful brand strategy in web design or website design is needed to achieve the following important communication points:

  • Trust
  • Your users understand your vision and are attracted to you
  • Stand our from anybody else
  • Build a strong personality for your business that attracts your client
  • Gain recognition for your business throughout social media and become the conversation in your network

Nowadays website design or web design can no longer be thought of without a brand strategy and the risks to your website as a loose object floating through the vast bit space called the internet.

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