Custom web vs Template

With money on the line, many have pondered whether or not to get a professional to develop your website. Not many realize that the answer to this depends on each individual’s needs. Here, we will aid you in deciding whether to hire a professional for a custom web or to go with a simple site.

web design trends 2016

5 web design trends in 2016

The latest web design trends focus on interactivity, user-friendliness and attractiveness. It is projected that the year 2016 will continue to see new techniques and designs being implemented by many website developers.

Why Online Video is the Future of Content Marketing

At this present day and age, a video has been making its presence known everywhere. Companies that disregard the existence of videos are likely to be in a dangerous situation. This is because online videos have been perceived as the future of content marketing.

Benefits of having an intern

Internship is doubtlessly quite helpful and beneficial to students, especially when they are looking for experience working for large companies and organizations.

How to create an overhead shot

Overhead shot is one of the most interesting angle and way you can photograph your images and is also called « birds eyes view ». Some people think that in order to realise an overhead shot it is necessary to be a professional photographer, but it is not true.

What does it take to be a good designer?

All my life I have always been attracted to doing creative things. If you are a designer working in a creative segment, you are different from others.

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