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25 July 2018
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Meet Qendresa Ademaj, a former graphic design intern in Toneyes’s Graphic Design internships program. After successfully doing her creative internships in Toneyes last year, she was given the opportunity to become an Art Director in Germany. According to the 24 year old, her internship in Toneyes taught her all the essential skills needed for her new job.

Life as a Graphic Design intern at Toneyes

Originally a motion designer intern, Toneyes challenged her to go out of her comfort zone and do more than motion graphics. As a result, she was also able to explore and partake in graphic design, branding, and corporate design projects.

 As a fresh graphic design intern, doing all these was difficult at first. Toneyes’s Graphic Design internships program not only requires interns to be good at their craft but also think out of the box and know how to make concepts for clients. This meant everyone in company is obliged to know what industry the client is in and what work they’re doing to fully understand their vision and why they’re doing it. Only by knowing these things can a designer contribute to the team and create awesome things that help the clients.

Her First Project at Toneyes

Her first creative internships project in Toneyes was for Co van Kessel, a bicycle tour company located in Bangkok. In this project, she took part in the video production and website creation process. This meant she had to go out and record the videos, edit them in the post production stage, create various parts of the website, export and compile together all the elements in the website, and work together with the back-end developer and client to produce and finalize the website and video.

Participating in the Co van Kessel project during her graphic design internships was an incredible experience for her. For the first time, she went on a day out for video production and personally saw the immense effort needed to create the videos and during post production. She was also able to connect with the clients, ensuring all works produced meet the clients’ demands.

Other projects

Qen also participated in two other projects: De Beck and SBC Group. For De Beck, together with our team, she built their brand concept by designing posters, their slogans in German, and the company’s brand message. For SBC Group, she built concept ideas for their brand building elements, including advertisements and videos.

Takeaway from Toneyes's Graphic Design internships program

As a Toneyes graphic design intern, she learned how to create motion graphics, storyboards, concept ideas, illustrations, and slogans, determine the style direction of a project, and align all these with the brand message to fulfill the client’s vision. All the things she picked up in Toneyes’s Graphic Design internships program became the basis for her new job as an Art Director in a German advertising agency.

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