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Building Services around the Talents of our Employees.

Toneyes has always dedicated itself to be and stay a platform for talented people and cfreatives. Where passions is drawing the base of everyone working at our agency. 

We make sure our employees always learn new things and develop their skills. Our projects with our clients are focsussed on creating always something new, unique and different. 

We make sure that our employees journeys are an adventure and journeys of becoming independent, creative thinkers, that will influence the modern international market with teamwork and determination.


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Who we are

Motivated & Skillful

We are a team that is always developing. We concentrate our skill set in just a few people with gives everyone in our team the responsability to get better in their skills by using their motivation and teamwork.

Focused & Efficient

Our team works systemised and in a synchronised team offert. We are known for efficiency. To our tools we count flexbile project management tool and a systemed working process, to ensure the best quality of services. Everyone is a manager in our team.

Determination & Challenges

We are living in a fast adapting world, detmerination is what makes us learn new things, keeps our motivation and most important of all gives our clientsand our team success. Our team is known to get things done even if it mean to do something we never done before.

One Team

Our agency is known to keep personal things and Egos aside. We work in such way that everyone is contributing his part to a project, in such way no one remembers that who has done which part. Everyone will be able to reflect their part from every project.

The process of joining our team

1. Submit your CV & Portfolio

Please submit your CV & Portfolio to our team here. Our team will review. If your application falls into our teams interested we will get back to you usually within 72hours to arrange a video call.

2. The Interview

Thhe interview will be an interview to determine if your are the right candidate and as well if we are the agency for you. After the interview you will usually get an info within 48 hours.

3. Internship Phase

All our employees have passed an internship program, the length of the internship is to be determin. The internship is equal a full job training where you will learn how to be a creative at an modern agency.

4. Job Opportunity

After conducting the intership we will have a final evaluation meeting, and you will receive a job offer of you have accomplished all requirments to be part of our team.

Contact Form

Drop us a message, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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