Company digitalization with Toneyes

Toneyes Agency is one of the agencies that started digitalisation before the COVID19 global disruption. Seeing the world changing and focussing on productivity freedom, automatitation and new way of interactions with customers using.

How you get to digitalise your Company?

It is important to understand that your digitalisation is not someone else's digitalisation. It is possible to adapt and use the same technology and somewhat similar strategies. But a digitalisation is based on input, process and output.


Our agency works closely with your key team members making sure creating a working process and finding the right solutions.

Technology Implementation & Development

Following technologies are adapted during the implementation of the digitisation process.

  • Custom Application Development (CrossPlatform WebApp, iOS & Android App)
  • Project Management Coomponents Implementation AgencyApp
  • 3rd Party Porject Management implementation

Marketing & Customer Interactions

We create API and communication channels connecting all your communication gateways and automatistation process and connect with your clients.

  • iOS App, Android App, WebApp Logins
  • Administration, Design and Development
  • Customer Support

Internal Digitalization

Digitalisation is a big movements within your company. It is like a internally rebranding, which will change the mentality how you work in the most cases

  • Workflow Concept
  • Staff Workshops and Training
  • Administration & Support

Technologies Used

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