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    A modern agency for digital solutions.

An moral Agency that never goes behond it's Code.

A certainly different agency, with being a platform for talented designers and developers, we offer an intense Internship program to the best design newcomers of Bangkok's Thai and International Universities. With our intension and mission to give all our clients a big voice in this small world, we are creating concepts for branding, marketing and web presence projects. With care about all our clients, we listen and create corporate identities reflecting the personality of our client teams and their passion for what they are doing.

The creative agency recruits team members mostly from its own sophisticated internship program, and chooses its members carefully by their skills. Our team is carefully formed by selected talented people to build a young dynamic effective team.

Nordic light

by Kim Steffensen

Product Details

Whitey table

by Hugo Lund

Product Details

Small Team with an full in House Production

In smaller Agencies, outsourcing is common. Outsourcing as well triggers different problems and issues. Toneyes has built it's services around the people and we provide all our services from in House.

Decisions made what it is best for the Client

Many Agencies are focus on profit. Toneyes's Code is that the client comes first. OUr Agency has evaluated the perfect balance of creating obtaining to Code to have every Bsuiness Relationship beeing a Win & Win Situation.

Flexibility in Doing Everyhting

Our steady internship program is providing the agency with talented people. With a staff that stripes to learn with every project, we have built an agency with a flexible Skillset. Our Agency is always open to learn new Things and to persuete new horizones.

Kitchen table

by Thomas Nielsen

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Daniel Benz / Managing Director

We have built the our Agency our Talents & our Values. With Motivation and continues drive to improve our staff skills we have have successfully created a independent Agency.

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