Branding Concept De Beck Switzerland

The branding company Toneyes creates branding concept or De Beck Switzerland and two store bakery chain in the beautiful city of Winterthur in north east Switzerland. It was a honor to work with Urs Gerber the owner of the bakery shops branding concept. It was a real honor since Urs Gerber was the reason why our Managing Director Daniel Benz was following a career as designer and marketing person.

In 1998, Daniel Benz was an intern at Urs Gerber’s Company called GZ Factory in Winterthur. Urs Gerber witnessed the development process of Daniel Benz and his team from the Toneyes branding company and was impressed by the work they have done and also the team spirit as a dynamic branding company in Bangkok Thailand. In 2016 it came to the point where Urs Gerber contacts Toneyes to finally have a chance to join forces together to create a unique new concept for his own bakery in Winterhur, Switzerland.

Today the world is yours

Fact was that in the same street Starbucks in Winterthur, Switzerland have opened, so it was the task to create a unique concept that is not launching a fight with the big franchise but rather to take the opportunity to get a chance to offer some alternative solution for the existing Starbucks clients.

In the very basic ideas we have gone back in the real meaning of the starbucks logo. Starbucks shows a Syrene in the logo, which attracts clients. In the real history “The syrene” is a evil goddess that attracts fishermen to their islands shore, seduce them and at the end kill them. So we came up with the idea in the beginning to build up a “Hero” image that should take on the fight with the evil “Syrene”.

After several development processes we developed the idea to change the concept of the “Hero” to a concept “that you can be whoever you want to be today.”The existing people walk into a bakery ordering coffee and the best attractive bakery ware and what we wanted to create with our concept is to give the people the needed boost in the morning. A boost that reflects that today, since they walked through the bakeries door, they are in “Control” of their own life. The slogan “Gestern gedacht, heute passiert’s” mean in English “thought of it yesterday, but will do it today

Branding Concepts Elements

The branding company Toneyes realised the branding concept for de beck with a set of poster designs, slogan creation and other graphical material in the shop. To create with visual elements the new brand of “DeBeck” surely a place of motivation, smiles and passion.

20161004 mockup

20161004 coffeeboard

20161004 mockup2

20161004 mockup3

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