Isabel Smith Online Marketing Internship Thailand


My Journey and Experience at Toneyes

As a marketing student, from the University of San Diego, I Chose to carry out my internship at Toneyes, in Bangkok because I wanted to work in a creative team and get a overview of how online businesses work and what were the necessary tools to get revenue from websites.

Being an intern in Bangkok has been for me a great opportunities. It helps me to understand how websites had to be built and provided me the key tools to maintain them in order to attract clients and converse them into fixed objectives. As an intern at Toneyes, I had a wide range of tasks and missions involving creativity and responsibilities. I was mainly in charge of updating our website, doing Search Engine Optimisation, and making a lot of marketing research. This internship was not only fun. I had responsibilities and was always working on something news when something was done. I had to deliver the best of myself in each projects I worked on in order to satisfy the clients but also my team.

My favourite part of this internship was definitely the team. Getting to know everyone at Toneyes, in the amazing city of Bangkok during this internship was incredible. Furthermore seeing, listening and understanding my team’s perspective was definitely the best way of learning that could have been done. Getting to know each other and work closely with them made the work definitely more enjoyable than it had never been before.

I definitely will suggest this internship to people who are open-minded. If you're able to take advice and other’s ideas as well, and if you're ready to be proactive, willing to fail and make mistake and learn from them, Toneyes will be the best place for you to grow and develop your skills.

Ready for an incredibly growing experience, so apply now?

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