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Graphic Design & Online Marketing Internship in Bangkok

As a creative web design & multimedia company located in Bangkok we offer now professional internships for Thai and International students in Bangkok.

We offer following programs:

• web designer
• graphic designer
• motion graphic designer
• online marketing

Send us your application and remember to upload your CV and portfolio, as well as the internship period you are applying for.


Why we offer Internships to students in Bangkok

A lot of partners have asked us, why we offer internships to students. Does it even make sense?
In our company, we believe that successful designs and project concepts are an achievement in a successful teamwork of creativity, experience and information exchanges.
As a small creative team, we strongly believe in personal growth of our creative team by working with young, creative people. People grow with their conversations. Comparatively, our creative team grows with every project, with every intern. This is why we are looking permanently for interns that can bring different creative perspectives to our team.

An Internship with Toneyes

Our creative team will educate and introduce the intern to the media chosen. Professional education from design experts will give you the know-how and materials to complete the project which is expected at the end of your internship.
We do not let our interns work on our clients' project. Instead, our interns will work on marketing materials for Toneyes which will be published as an internship work portfolio.
We want our interns to learn the media chosen, so they can have a good creative base to build their career.

Film & Motion Graphics Designer Internship Bangkok

toneyes-motion-graphic-intern-bangkokMotion graphics is a extension of graphic design. Our "motion graphics designer intern" program will give you all the know-hows that you need to produce motion graphics and video projects all by yourself. Each graphic designer can be a motion graphics designer. In this Internship, you will learn how to animate graphics and how to create a professional video. For this internship program, you need to have good skills in graphic design and you need to be a fast learner.

Motion graphics designer education includes:

• Basics in Film & Video
• 2D Animation in After Effects
• Motion Graphics Theories
• Storyboarding and Scripting


• Need to have a laptop
• Need to be in a design-related major at the university
• Need to know design basics
• Good knowledge in graphic design

Final Project:

• Video with Motion Graphics Animation (3-5min)

Graphic Designer Internship Bangkok

toneyes-graphic-design-intern-bangkokYou will be responsible in developing a marketing campaign with graphic design materials. You will work closely with our creative team and will get a real life experiene of how to communicate with the team and clients. You will get valuable insider tips on how to realise a design project in the real world.

Graphic designer education includes:

• In-depth Design Basics
• Layout
• In-depth Visual Communication
• Different design development techniques


• Need to have a laptop
• Need to be in a design-related major at the university
• Need to know design basics
• Good knowledge in graphic design

Final Project:

• Marketing Campaign Materials

Web Designer Internship Bangkok

toneyes-web-design-intern-bangkokThe interns will be responsible in developinng and designing a web-related application or website. You will be educated web design basics and will work together with our developers on your project. You will get an inside view of how to work with developers as a designer.

Web designer education includes:

• User interface design theory
• Website basics
• Graphic design for the web
• Teamwork with developers

Internship web designer requirements:

• Need to have a laptop
• Need to be in a design-related major at the university
• Need to know design basics
• Good knowledge in graphic design and interest in web design

Final Project:

• Web-related application design

Online Marketing Internship Bangkok

toneyes-online-marketing-intern-bangkokThis a quite special internship program. It is suited for people who want to have a business or marketing perspective of the website world. In this program, you will learn how online marketing works. You will get an inside view into social media marketing, in Search Engine Optimisation and in how to maintain and build a website to get more revenue.

Education includes:

• SEO Introduction
• Online Marketing Strategy


• Need to have a laptop
• Good English skills
• Writing capability
• Interest in Marketing

Final Project:

• Online marketing for a real-life campaign

Our Alumni Interns

Graphic Design Intern from June to July 2015

Online Marketing Intern from november 2014 to January 2015.

Graphic Design Intern from June to September 2015

Online Marketing intern from July to September 2015

Bee was a Graphic Designer intern at Toneyes. Student at the Faculty of Architecture Department of Communication Art and Design, she decided to join Toneyes in the aim to think outside the box and working on real projects involving responsibilities. See her profil if you are interested to join a creative and hardworking team.

How to apply for an internship

Send all documents and information listed below at the following contact:

Documents and Information required:

• CV
• Portfolio
• How long will your internship be?