AEC Connect Website for ASEAN Economic

AEC Connect website design

Toneyes web agency offers professional web design in Thailand and all over the world. 

AEC Connect vision is to improve and build up a directory for B2B businesses ASEAN Economic. AEC Connect hired Toneyes to build a professional user-friendly modern web application to support the ASEAN Economic.

AEC Connect Web Design for ASEAN Economic

The AEC Connect web application concept is that companies within the AEC member-states easily can submit their business and connect to other businesses, to build up a valuable network. With the mission to support the ASEAN Economic the best possible way, AEC Connects offers the web application for free. 

Functionality wise, Toneyes have build a website where business can easily register with generic information, images and contact details such as maps and contact numbers. Their clients can send inquiries directly from the AEC Connect website. A powerful marketing team of AEC connect focus on generate professional and valuable listings.

 “ASEAN is the future and we need to do everything to support the ASEAN Economic as much as possible.” The mission is clear for the web and design agency in Thailand called Toneyes as well for the AEC Connect Team. Based on a Symfony2 PHP Framework, the website is a perfect foundation for a great ASEAN web platform for B2B businesses.

Check the website and be a part of the ASEAN business revolution. The website lists listings from Logistics, Tourism, Products and the job world.

The Agency's View

We are an innovative web agency that creates web design in Thailand. The vision had always been to improve and take the web design in Thailand to the net level. This project gives us the perfect opportunity to support the Asian market and connect Thailand more with the Asian region. “It's great to work on a project that support the South East Asian market and helps Thailand with connecting the South East Asian market.” – Daniel Benz thoughts about working with AEC Connect.

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