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Amata Corporation is one of the largest industrial park developers in the South East Asia region.

They are located in multiple locations spanning across Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar and Laos. Toneyes has been given the opportunity to work with them on the redesign of their corporate website, giving the website a more modern and updated look. This includes the process of designing new graphics and maps to enhance the understanding of the scope and overall project. 

Conceptualizing and Wireframing

During the beginning stages of the project, and through conversations with the client, it became clear that the Amata website needed a restructure of the website to create a better user experience. We worked closely with the client to come up with a plan that would make it easier for the target audience to flow through the website and understand their full suite of services. We started off by outlining the website chart and wireframe to visualize the outcome of the project and kept close communications with the client to receive all the specific content requirements to understand the industry and target audience as well as their investor demographics. 

The Website Design Production

Once we have laid out the structure of the website, our team began to design and put all the elements together. Content from the client began to flow in and production levels took a step up.

Eye in the Sky

Amata has 2 locations in Thailand. One in Chonburi province, and another in Rayong province. Amata had invited our team to their locations in order to shoot professional drone footage to be used on the website. It was our goal to get a variety of shots that would showcase the immense land area, the quality of their facilities, and of the surrounding greenery. The Vietnam team then assisted us with providing drone footage from the locations within their country. Our motion team then analyzed all the footage and used color corrections to enhance the beauty of the shot so that we could use these footage as a video header for each location.

Designing the Maps

Map design is no easy process. There is a level of accuracy and consistency that must be met. There are guidelines and laws that must be followed. Therefore, our team had worked very closely with the client in order to reach these required levels. We had designed multiple kinds of maps for this project, including, overview country maps, detailed provincial maps, and as well master plan layouts for each Amata project location. Our team needed to be creative while designing these maps, incorporating the Amata brand colors and finding the right balance between them.

Redesigning Infographics

In order to maintain the brand consistency, our team had also rebranded and designed the infographics for the website. We incorporated a new style of infographics to fit with the rebranding of the website. We also utilized our skills in creating html5 animations and simple parallax effects to give the website design a more dynamic look and feel.

The End Result

In the end, our team with the collaboration of Amata were able to do a full rebranding of the Amata website design. We focused on maintaining the integrity of the Amata brand and crafted a well thought out and modern website for one of Asia’s industrial giants.

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