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ASEAN-DRR is an NGO company that focuses on targeting problems in the ASEAN Region through comprehensive research and field projects. Toneyes had the opportunity to rebrand a new website design for them.

The Website Production

The website design began with the concept phase which included mood boarding and brainstorming ideas on how to distribute the comprehensive content of ASEAN-DRR in an easy-to-read way through visual storytelling.

Toneyes worked with ASEAN-DRR in order to come up with impactful infographics and geographical visuals that would be able to explain the different problems and solutions ASEAN-DRR are able to tackle in the Asean region. These are inclusive of 3D graphics, pop up maps, project timelines, and video storytelling.

The Website Outcome

With the use of emotional images and geographical visuals of the ASEAN Region, we were able to capture ASEAN-DRR’s hands on approach to tackling issues in the Asean region. Through a simple website structure we were able to maximize readability that enabled people to scan through the website and understand the stories and projects that ASEAN-DRR have worked on.

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