Avie HK website design

Avie website full screen

Avie is an alternative fish product of a revolutionary biotech company based in Hong Kong. Using sustainable cultivation processes, they have developed a fish product that is nutritious and free of harmful micro-plastics.

The Website Concept & Production

We built the Avie website based on a simple one pager web design concept. Showcasing the story of a fish product that is cruelty free, sustainable, and healthy and nutritious through the use of minimal and impactful content supported by playful and lively visuals.

Since the Avie website design is a one page design format, our team wanted to integrate new technologies that would enhance the storytelling even more, encouraging the audience to scroll through the full website and read the content. For example, we have incorporated a continuous scroll effect where we use graphics to overlay a section, but as the user continues to scroll through, the section becomes unmasked displaying HTML5 animations and some additional hidden content.

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