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Bophie, Trendy Web Design for one of the Top Amazon Sellers in 2021

With the focus on 5 beauty brands, Bophie has developed a frenzy over the amazon marketplace, making them a best seller product and ranking them at the top 500 in the amazon beauty category.

Bophie had initially came to us after seeing our project for TPBI website and was looking for a reliable web design company to help them launch their new website. With a fast production pace, our team worked and coordinated with Bophie to launch their website online within 2 weeks from the initial brief.

Taking the Website to a New Level

As a fast and growing company, Bophie required a website that would take their business to a new level. They needed a platform where they could communicate their brand message and showcase their success to potential clients and new employees. With the growth in sales, more and more people began applying for jobs at Bophie. Therefore, having an updated website that is consistent with the 2021 website design trends was the priority and a necessity for Bophie’s future growth.

The Website Concept

The main target audience for Bophie was to reach potential investors and find new recruitments of talents for the company. Therefore, the concept for Bophie’s website was to find the right balance between a corporate website with the ideas of nature and beauty. Firstly, we did this by putting a high focus on showcasing their brands and as well sub brands throughout the website. While some of Bophie’s brands have their own external websites, we decided to put more emphasis on the Bophie website by creating individual landing pages for each brand.

Secondly, the website should act as a career hotspot for potential employees and new talents. As the company continues to grow, Bophie needed a platform to attract and recruit new employees to be additions to their team.

The Website Design Production

With any website project that we do, one of the very first steps is to create the wireframe of the different pages. This acts as the initial structure that the design will be based on. With this in mind, we began working on the first few main pages of the website to build up the brand and image direction. Since the structure of the Bophie website is fairly simple, we wanted to focus on how we can support the content of the website through visualisations and graphics. By integrating HTML5 animations, and putting together short brand videos, we were able to enhance the Bophie brand and bring their website to the next level.

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