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japan watch website design

ChinaWatch is a project under Mae Fah Luang University’s School of Social Innovation that’s focused on policy research on China. The university realized that understanding China was crucial for economies to overcome challenges and gain opportunities, especially with China’s growing influence over the global economy. Under this ChinaWatch project, they aim to provide answers to many people through their policy studies, incentivize more people to research about China, and establish research collaborations between like-minded institutions globally. To achieve this, they decided to hire Toneyes to build their website. We did this by designing their logo and conducting web programming and web application development.

Project Development

Before we started the project, our team held several meetings to fully understand the organization and their objectives and discuss ideas. After countless hours of brainstorming, we decided to use the Chinese luck symbol as the logo for ChinaWatch. We also used red for its logo and a mix of red and white for its website, as the Chinese believe the color “red” symbolizes good luck. Our team also used pictures of different places in China for the website to emphasize the feeling of “China.”

After finalizing their logo and color, our company devised their website and web programming design during the web application development stage. To ensure web usability, our web designers and developer added a publication and project directory and video synchronization that’s linked to YouTube in the ChinaWatch website during the web application development stage. Consequently, Toneyes was able to successfully develop an easy-to-use web application that allowed academics to manage their website and upload new documents and information in no time.

Challenge During the Project

One challenge that our team faced during the project was making sure the ChinaWatch website -- both the front- and back-end -- was easily navigable for academics and web users.

china watch website design
china watch website design
china watch website design

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