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As a web design company we got the opportunity to work with Factory Pro to design their company website.

Factory Pro Web Design for Startups and SME

Factory Pro is a design and construction engineering company, located in Thailand, which aims to realize visions and relieve the stress burden of business owners when constructing or expanding their factory. Their primarily focuses on Startups and SMEs as they understand the time-constraint and needs these companies have when building a business.

The website was built using the (program), designed to allow users easy access to each page in the company website. At Toneyes we really focusing and work extensively with the design thinking process to come up with the best concept of the company website. The priority of this website was to create a simple user experience and web environment where everyone can easily navigate through the company website. With the web page designed by our graphic design team, this concept was able to be maintained and implemented.

Process of Web Designing

Before letting our developer develop the web page, our graphic design team brainstormed various ideas on the layout and the colors using moodboard. Through our design thinking process we went different directions to find the perfect solution for our client. Together with the client, our team decided to go with the minimalistic approach to the web design in order to allow potential clients of Factory Pro to navigate through the company website easier. In the design thinking process we also decided to use a combination of white, red, and black in the web design to highlight the minimalistic approach while still being viewed as professional.

Our Perspective on the Project

As a web design company we had a lot of fun doing the company website, as we were able to work together closely with our client regarding the web design and its functionality. We were able to learn a lot regarding the design and construction industry in Thailand and had the opportunity to work on a successful branding project with our client’s valuable input.

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