Inteltion Website Redesign Project 2022

This website redesign project is showcasing the latest web project of our agency. Inlteltion is a long year client and working for the top of the top industry leaders here in Thailand. Inteltion is a well known Development and IT company in Bangkok. They work with the market leaders in several industries.

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inteltion website design


Toneyes has the privilege to create the new website for Intention. The project was a website redesign for our existing client. Bringing their brand and website experience to the next level.

The Website Brand Story

The brand story is to develop the old concept. Leaving the building to do their coding at their clients places, is the old concept. The new concept was to think bigger. Creating an alternative Coding universe.

Inteltionists become explorers. Conquering the known universe. Creating their own alternative universe. Conquer data wars and explore the rest of the universe in their motherhip.

All Inteltionists are superheros defining themself within their skills and capability. A Group of inteltionists become the squad. With combined skills, experience and power, the squad is leaving its mark. Communication and Data become the squads playground.


Our team built the website on wordpress. It was in our intention to not to have a simple website, but more a trendy custom website with an unique experience.

Our company used this projects as statement. A Wordpress with an PageBuilder does not have to be a static boring website. The website is far from boring.

SVG masking integration and animations tell the brand stories in a engaging way.

We learned how to put in place more story telling into a simple Wordpress CMS website.

Technical Aspects of the project

We built on a Yootheme Page Builder. The client has the possibility to change content in a convenient way. We used Lottie animations. We tell the brand stories and used javascript to create scroll animations. More infos about web service here:

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