Knightsbridge Intermediary Website Design

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Knightsbridge Intermediary is an investment company that focuses on providing professional business intelligence to industries to maximize their potential. Toneyes had the opportunity to work with Knightsbridge Intermediary on a new website design.

The Website Production

One of the key challenges of this project was to build and get the website up and running in a short period of time. Therefore, we had to focus on the key content and showcase it in a simplistic way where the target group would be able to get the full gist of their services at the very first glimpse.

The branding for Knightsbridge Intermediary uses a lot of geometrical shapes and vibrant colors that were used consistently throughout the website. For the production of the icon designs, we used a play on the logo symbol of “K” and similar shapes to produce abstract icons representing each service. We also designed several infographics using HTML5 to give the website design a more modern and dynamic look. Additionally, we created a few motion headers for the key pages of the website. We did this by selecting visually and aesthetic drone videos based on the concept of the Knightsbridge Intermediary brand.

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