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Web Design Zurich created by a Web Agency in Thailand Asia. Our agency created the brand MyMeeting 8 years ago and now we have had the opportunity to rebrand MyMeeting.

It is always great to work for clients in Swizerland since Web Design in Zurich has a high standard our agency is always pushed work on the website content with great detail. 

MyMeeting with the actual head office in Kloten with is in the province of Zurich has had a great push during the COVID Season giving MyMeeting the opportunity and the need to rebrand it self as a online conference provider in Zurich Switzerland. 

A Web Design Zurich Project, what an other motivating project for our asian agency to take on. The first part of the Web Design Zurich project was the rebranding of MyMeeting. Creating different colors schemes for each target industry which was healthcare, business and justice we used different colors and as well different geometric shapes to draw the different categories. 

Basic geometric shapes used for representing an easy solution

Who didn't use as parents the simple building blogs of circles squares and traingles to teach their childrens problem solving skills? For MyMeeting we used the same concept. Trough out the website our motion team build animated backgrounds with those shapes to represent overall simple one key solution to anyones conference problems. 

MyMeeting worked nation wide with national hospitals the government police, lawyers and well known business on installing high end online conference solutions and providing with MyMeeting the software to support the new cutting edge way of working with teams today. 

Using Video BG and a colorful color palet to bring the web design Zurich project to live.

This project is a good showcase how a simple website can come to live by building the brand with the Toneyes Agency. Using the new Rebrand elements design by our agency and animating the brand elemtns with website background videos and a new icon design designed by agency we build for MyMeeting a new identity and a entirly new web presence.

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