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Topflight Academy was a project where Toneyes was designing the screens for a new Website. The mission was to create a professional web design for the new Topflight Academy Website. With the collaboration with an developer of Topflight Academy Toneyes designed the screens for a professional web design.

It was a great collaboration between Topflights developer "Jonathan Wheelwright" who developed the website and implemented the design to the existing Topflight Professional Web Design Structure.

It was a great honor to work with great people on this project. We as a design agency that rebranded Topflight Academy, the videographer and photographers that shot great footage that we have used trought out the website and the developer that implemented the new design to the website in a really professional way.

This website is a great example of different people working together to achieve a great execution of a professional web design. A careful thought out concept to represent the vision and mission and the reality of the experience of the basketball academy, brought a successful new professional web design for the basketball academy. We are proud of to say that this project was one of the project we can really say that different forces came together and worked successfull on one project.

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