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We have worked with DigitalWallet already since a few years back. Last year the DigitalWallet was a simple wallet containing file storage functionality. In 2020 The Digital Wallet launched a full Company Digitalization with Toneyes.

Ideas, Automation Strategy & Transformation

Creating an automation strategy and transforming DigitalWallet to a fully digitized platform was the focus and main concept of this project. We worked closely with the DigitalWallet team to brainstorm ideas and develop components in order to create a user friendly investment platform suitable for their clients needs.

Development & Features

Superadmin Login

The Superadmin login gives access and permission to check and review the status of any investment logged in the DigitalWallet platform. They have the ability to update files associated with different investment packages, check user information and change passwords if requested and are responsible for reviewing any ticket enquiries submitted by the users.

New Scheduled Based Payment

Superadmin not only has the power to check the investments in the system, but they are also able to generate scheduled based payments. If an investment package is scheduled for an interest statement that month, it is the responsibility of the superadmin to generate the statements for the subscribed users


The DigitalWallet Dashboard presents an overview of the user's investments in an organized display. By visiting the dashboard, users will be able to see the status of their investments, what investment packages they are subscribed to, how much they have invested, and check their latest interest statements.
Chat Facility

DigitalWallet offers a simple chat facility where users can open a chat and talk directly to their investment agent. This makes things convenient and communication fluent between the two parties.


The DigitalWallet dataroom is ultimately run by the Superadmin where they can upload and share files and folders associated with investments. The Superadmin can activate the dataroom function for selected users which allows them to share specific files with them. This provides a simple and easy way to share files within the system without having to use external links.


The documents page keeps all the users files organized by giving the user the choice to create, add, and update folders and files associated with their investments.
Bank Details

Users can add bank details which they would like to be associated with their investments. This function allows them to save multiple bank accounts so when they create a new investment, they have the choice to choose which account they want associated with that investment.


Users are able to raise tickets if they have any enquiries or if any technical issues occur regarding the DigitalWallet platform. Tickets can be sent directly to their investment agent or to the Superadmin where they will work closely with the Toneyes tech team to resolve the issue accordingly.


DigitalWallet works closely with the Toneyes support team to create new technical concepts on additional features to ensure future development. The Toneyes support team are also available to support any technical issues that may arise on the DigitalWallet platform such as any bugs or fixes.

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