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mobileslager website design

Toneyes had the possibility to create an other Swiss web design. This time we had to come create a concept for a online storage solution called Mobileslager  that offers local pickup and also moving services. This is another showcase that exactly shows how much experience and work goes into a simple looking user friendly website. See how Toneyes create a Swiss Web Design Project that involves main features such as a online pick up and drop off registration form with online locater and a implemented storage equipment shop.


The website Mobileslager involves advanced Google maps features. Locating and setting pick up locations on the website assure the usability to locate the pickup and drop off location correctly.

A small shop feature that offers to publish storage equipment products during the moving and storage process, allows the web admin to enter, update products in a quick way.

An blog has been created to be able for the web admin to create valuable landing pages to emphasis on the organic Search Engine Optimisation.

Swiss Web Design for Mobileslager

Swiss Web Design involves very functional design features. Minimalistic geometric design pattern assure the functionality on the website.

With implementing the brand colors and be aware with the difficulties to use yellow with black, Toneyes implements white as a major secondary web color. Simple icon design with only using a few slideshow images keeps the focus on the storage functionality.

In addition we also have animated and designed a web video explainer that is playable directly on the websites homepage:

GPS and Google Maps Integration

In this Swiss Web Design Project Mobileslager we have created a concept that involves “locate me” functionality to detect the internet users current location. This will automatically set the pick up location to exact point where the internet user is located.

mobileslager website design
mobileslager website design

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