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9th studio website design

Together with The 9th Studio, we started its rebranding design project by building a brand concept via its website design. To strengthen the brand of The 9th Studio, we decided to create a simplistic website design and instead have the website focus on images. To do so, in this project, our company learned about the pixel details in pictures as the client focuses on the perfect quality of the pictures.

The Website Design as the Brand's Base

The website design is based mostly on portfolio pages, where each project is described in detail. We also took care of the onsite SEO and designed a short introduction video on the homepage that explains what the company does.

The 9th Studio is one of our branding showcases which show the overall service we provide for brand building.

With the website design as a starting point, we are privileged to be working with a highly professional photo retouch and photo studio in Bangkok. This experience has improved our photography knowledge and quality and inspired our team to improve our video lighting equipment to enhance our video production department.

9th studio website design
9th studio website design
9th studio website design

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