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TPBI Public Company is a leading global integrated packaging industry company. TPBI rebrands itself with the new environment trend in Thailand. TPBI changed it’s vision and had the mission for our website company to rebrand itself as an innovative environment friendly packaging company.

The Web Design Concept

With it’s new direction of products a new website design was required to launch the leading Thai packaging company into the new time chapter of an environment friendly packaging supplier.

The Website Design Project was not a stand alone project but an entire part of a Branding Project which as well included a new logo design and the company video.

The Website Design Production

We have worked with the client on a total brand make over and developed a CMS website based on Joomla, where we as well included a page builder for easy maintenance for the TPBI staff. With close teamwork with the sales and marketing team of TPBI our agency is proud to be an important essential as a website design company, bringing TPBI a new identity. 

This website design project is a great example in how our agency is including and using a website project a brand base element for rebrand as well bigger companies such as TPBI.

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