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ventry ecommerce website

The Ecommerce web design concept for the orthepedic neck pillow brand was not entirely redesigned but more developed. For the well known brand, which target audience reaches Thailand up to China was it important to create a simple easy handled shop system that will increase their online sells.

E-Commerce for Orthepedic Neck Pillows

With the implementation of different payment methods such as Paypal and Alipay for the Chinese clients, we have implemented a custom Symfony2 web shop. The Ecommerce web design was build upon an existing branding but increased with clean graphic design and simplified navigation. A simple video animation on the homepage makes the orthopedic neck pillow brand look interesting and competent already on the homepage. Next to the shop system we also implemented a shop location administration, originality verifier to the web development project.

This website was designed and developed within 1 month, thanks to the good corporation between us and the client we succeeded to launch the Ecommerce web design project for the orthopedic neck pillow brand Ventry in record time, by still having all the main processes included that is required for a professional web development with a successful UX/UI Design.

Our development team build a simple product administration with a slick simple E-commerce design that allows the web admin to manage the products in different product categories, discounts and textures for each product if needed. The client also has the possibility to change, manage and add their new store locations in any region or country. Additionally we wanted tthe orthopedic neck pillow brand Ventry look internationally competent and worked this out with a minimalistic graphic design that really underlines their product much more than the previous Ecommerce web design they had.

Our View of the Project

It was a privilege to have created an Ecommerce web design project for the well know orthopedic neck pillow brand called Ventry. This project was just a showcase that good teamwork between us and client can bring so much in such a short amount of time. 

ventry ecommerce website

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