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RIS Swiss Section is a German speaking International School located in Bangkok. The International school is approved by the Swiss and German Government and work with the Swiss School Curriculum from Lucern Switzerland. RIS Swiss Section is one of the first Clients of Toneyes and with the long year relationship we are continuously working on the brand and the website for this school. 

Web Design Concept and Direction

The concept and direction of the web design project was to change the media medium that the current website was using. With implementation of videos and more transparency the school will receive a major overhaul and update on its existing brand.
With a new video concept for the school image video and adding additional teacher’s interviews this school will majorly change the way how they communicate with their clients.

Transparency and a major shift from Facility and the School Name to the quality of the students and believe of the teachers, is taking this schools brand to an entirely different brand direction to truly differentiate itself from other international schools here in Bangkok.

Web Design Production and Realisation

The web design project was build on an existing Joomla CMS System, and the design upgrade from the old website was small but has a big impact. More focus to responsive design and also major simplification of the web design structure with the implementation of video is making this website project more informative.

With the close collaboration between our web agency and the school marketing and teacher team we have created video material that truly showcases the schools feature in a transaparent way.

By rather to tell the story and the real advantage then to show off with names, certificates and Facilities the school agreed with us to walk a different line, the line of honesty and idealism.

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