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BK hair beauty branding

A project in close cooperation with Jean-Jacques Couri the founder of BK Hair Beauty. This project was an other rescue project to help the client define his own brand. Toneyes was responsible for corporate identity concept for the BK Hair Beauty Brand

The Project

Bk Hair Beauty come to Toneyes to work on the branding of BK Hair Beauty properly. An earlier disappointing experience with another agency lead the client to our agency. It was the task to create a successful corporate identity project that reflects a brand based on professionalism and luxury.

The Corporate Identity Concept and Base of the Branding

First is is important to understand the product line at first. The product is based on Keratin a natural product that helps on hair treatment. The hair product is manufactured in Brazil. The product has been designed to contain high quality and still be in a budget so the product can be sold to non professionals. The product still is also used to be sold to professionals and hair stylist, but the idea to create a product that is economical and contains all benefits of an expensive premium product layed out the foundation of the branding concept to archive a look that is based on minimalism and luxury.

Our creative designed Aum leaded the concept creation for this brand and created a great and unique corporate identity branding concept that was based on minimalism and luxury.

The intelligent contrast between gold and silver and fine hairlines created a great corporate identity concept.
Production and Finalisation
Aum lead the production to build a foundation for the brand within our graphic design service. The building of the branding was done with a set of bottle design and brochure design. The reflection of the brand is based on simplicity to emphasis on the professionalism and quality of the product.

BK hair beauty branding
BK hair beauty branding

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