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There are a lot of processes that takes place to create a new brand. We value to create effective platforms and ways on how to efficiently represent our clients to their own clients. From an unequivocal brand statement to eye-catching visuals, here is a take on what takes place in Toneyes' creative process of creating Carewell's brand.

1. Defining the Vision Statement & The Brand Message

"Family, Care, Experience Life"

This statement was created to be the message of the Carewell brand design. Family, care, and experience create the happiest things in life, since living happily is the finest remedy for all illness. At Carewell, experience and moments are important. It is about learning the value of what is important in life and how life itself is built around made memories.

The heart behind this statement is to reminisce good memories in life and integrating those in presenting the brand. Upon understanding the Carewell brand, our company started taking steps on landing on the created brand and vision statement. Here's how it goes:

  • Define the values of the client
  • Determine and understand the target of the client
  • Brainstorm and outline key qualities of the brand
  • Formulate keywords to represent valued qualities
  • Establish a vision statement and the brand message

2. The Visual Concept & Problem Solutions

The visual concept of this brand design is to bring an understanding of the needs of the guests with dementia and alzheimer. We do this by removing aspects of negativity to be able to focus on the positive aspects of this. We also avoided using images that could convey misleading messages. We have set graphics and visuals that sets a new perspective of Carewell, using visuals that portrays life, memories, and personality.

Most importantly, we incorporated the brand message in every design creations. From the brand message, we have established creations that would best represent the new brand:

  • new website design
  • enhanced logo
  • video representation

3. Logo Realisation

For the new brand logo design, we have utilized the previous logo, but enhanced and improved it. We have created a logo using abstract shapes that forms a lotus. The logo is used to express emotion of security and care. The petals represent the first words of the brand message, which are family, life, and experience. Lastly, the dot symboizes life, moment, and the now.

The logo creation process includes the following:

  • Sketching
  • Development
  • Digitalization
  • Coloring
  • Creation of Mock-Up
logo sketch
Logo design
Carewell name card

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