DL Sweets - Company Profile Design

DL Sweets Company Profile Design

DL Sweets Vietnam is the owner company of the brand Mochisweets that Toneyes already successfully redesigned with a webshop development project, motion graphics project and a catalog design project.

The company profile design had the requirements to be a professional representation of the company DL Sweets. The company profile design also should lay out the foundation for continues branding elements of the DL Sweets brand.

The company profile design include in total 8 pages. Toneyes also did the copywriting of the company profile design, with the visionary slogan definition DL Sweets received a full service in professional copywriting and the first corporate identity steps.

Toneyes also modernised the logo and worked on the modernisation and simplification of the DL Sweets logo design.

The Concept of the Company Profile Design

A clean corporate look focused on the professionalism of DL Sweets. Pastel like blue and yellow and give the brand a nice light look and also identifies the company with the sweets business.
The vision page is build by 2 page photo images that shows the company's drive to become the leading food company in Vietnam.

 A simple structure with curve graphics that seperate the initial contents within the company profile brings a nice twist to the minimalistic design.

Branding Concepts Elements

The branding company Toneyes realised the branding concept for de beck with a set of poster designs, slogan creation and other graphical material in the shop. To create with visual elements the new brand of “DeBeck” surely a place of motivation, smiles and passion.

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