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Advertising Campaign by an Advertising Agency in Bangkok

As a design and; web agency, Toneyes was assigned the task to launch a new advertising campaign for the Swiss School Bangkok. The creative advertising project included a photo shooting, redesign of the branding, advertising techniques and a professional studio photo shooting.

The photo shooting was art directed by Daniel Benz and organized by Matt Burns a professional photographer.
The studio shooting for the advertising campaign had a duration of a half day.

Working with kids and the school staff was a great experience. It was really great and inspiring environment for a professional creative advertising photo shooting.

The concept of the campaign was to show that the international school provides the children, a stable future. The idea of the marketing team was to associating the education in their school with big Swiss and German brands such as Mercedes Benz, Rolex and Lufthansa.

Why Swiss School Bangkok Decided to do a Creative Advertising Campaign

Swiss School never had a professional creative advertising campaign, in the year 2012, Swiss School Bangkok decided to go ahead its competition and start a professional lead and asked

Toneyes for their expertise in different advertising techniques.

An advertising budget for numerous national magazines also gave the school the idea to invest in different advertising techniques.


As an international school it is important to us to have international standards, our image to the world is one of the most important thing that we can think of today. The Design and; Web Agency Toneyes became a really powerful partner and consultant on that topic. Their knowledge in different advertising techniques, visual communications and creativity helped our creative advertising campaign to be unique and attractive to our target audience.

We are looking forward to explore new advertising techniques with the Bangkok, Thailand based advertising agency Toneyes

swiss school advertising
swiss school advertising

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