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dorsch presentation design portfolio

Dorsch is a well known company with its origin from Germany. Dorsch Asia worked on big projects here in Bangkok being involved in building several MRT lines and other big projects for big companies in Asia.

Dorsch approached our company first with a common brochure design. After first contact and a kick off meeting, our agency offered Dorsch Asia a better solution as a package that included a presentation design. 

The project began before the COVID-19 era, it was surely the right decision to be made. During the design development of the brochure design, the presentation design had become the first flagship project of the brand development design task. 

The reason for the shift to a presentation design was that our agency had come up with an idea during the wireframing and concept stage of the design development. The statement was done that a brochure design can be impressive, but with conducting several interviews, the first contact is actually involving a presentaiton meeting which the brochure later would be given as a summary company profile. 

Therefore it was our teams idea to have Dorsch beeing impressive already at during the presentation. So, we developed a simple brochure design to something much bigger, a Presentation Design with a concept to impress. 

Our agency realised the presentation design in powerpoint slides, and we used our experience and knowledge in video and motion to create stunning video backgrounds, animations for the powerpoint presentation, giving the Dorsch Sales Team the possibility to impress with their big projects. 

dorsch presentation design showcase on screen
dorsch brochure design by toneyes portfolio
dorsch brochure design mockup

The presentation design and the brochure design become one. We used a special format which was based on 16/9. As well with the special layout, our graphic design has built a nice balance between a print version and a presentation version.

In the brochure design and presentation design project we have had our concept team, motion team and graphics team working closely together to create ab outcome that was a satisfying package for the Dorsch sales team. By turning a simple brochure design content into a powerful presentation design that is still used after a year for presentations to major clients 

During the presentation design development, our team learned a lot about the Dorsch Asia company, giving us the possibility to even create drone images from the team and realising Marketing materials supporting the Dorsch Design team on their journey to tell their companies story and the story of their project in a visual exciting way. 

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