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Corporate Identity Design for Engineering Company Factory Pro

With a strong believe in Graphic Design influence on brand identity, Toneyes focus was to give Factory Pro a simple modern design that really appealed to their target audience. Toneyes graphic design portfolio range widely and we can now proudly add Factory Pro.

Factory Pro have a very inspiring mindset that we really wanted to reflect in the corporate identity design. They believe that every ideas is important and it’s theirs vision to realise these ideas. In close collaboration with the client and us, we achieved a unique and minimalistic design that present our client professionalism and strength.

Toneyes partnered with Factory Pro to help with their branding and web initiative. They needed to build their brand from ground up, creating a solid foundation for future company growth. Our graphic design focused on the importance for our client’s corporate identity design to be able to accomplish what they initially envisioned for their web presence.

How we use Graphic Design to Build Corporate Identity Design

As a creative design company providing graphic design services in Bangkok, Thailand, and a diverse graphic design portfolio, we understand the need for a consistent and impactful launch to the competitive marketplace. However, we also understand that with our clients being Startup and SME companies, they do not have much time to spare. Therefore, with our graphic design team, we created a comprehensive experience for Factory Pro website with a minimalist design, included a responsive component, designed to engage the target audience and increase user satisfaction.

This was achieved through a creative process, where we worked closely with our client in order to make sure that satisfactory and high quality results was being produced. In order to successfully highlight their core competence and message to their clients, we use our competence from our graphic design portfolio to brainstormed potential logo designs, layouts, shapes and tested it with differents colors through moodboard that all fusioned in the corporate identity design. From here, our client were able to choose the ones they like best and allow our team to develop it further.

By clients request we ended up with the color red in our designs, which really signified strength and passion, which represents their passion, professionalism and expertise in the design and construction engineering industry. Toneyes graphic design portfolio shows how our clients really shines through and Factory Pro is no exception. 

What the Client Says About the Graphic Design Company

It's very simple but really slick, thanks to the amazing team at Toneyes Design & Web Agency. You should use them if you're thinking of building a website and corporate identity design; they are professional, responsive and great value for money. Just do it! You won't be sorry.

factory pro branding

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