Fox 2021 Brand Development

Fox Depot brand development project mockup

Brand Development Fox

In collaboration with the Swiss Marketing Strategy Firm, Braindanz, our Agency was responsible for the realization of the brand development visuals for the Fox Brand, a local furniture brand that is going to rock the furniture industry in Switzerland.

Multiple Fox Brands

The Fox brand included multiple brands such as Fox, FoxDepot and FoxMyHome. Where Fox is a wholesale company, the Fox Depot is an Export Company and the FoxMyHome is the local furniture brand, crafting custom made tables locally in Switzerland.

Brand Development Concept


The concept of the Fox brand was based on Swissness. As you see, we started with different brand development elements to draw the feel of Swissness.

You especially see it on the boxes with the abstract Swiss mountains, representing the origin of the furniture design “Swiss Design” to make the brand more attractive to the locals, and as well to give the product another level of quality. The Swiss Quality.

Logo Development

For the Brand Fox, we developed the logo with the Fox original logo, but added the Swiss mountains in the background. The overall design gave the Fox brand the required Emotion of Swissness.

Design Elements of the Fox Brand

The brand development project included creating mockups for all the partner brands in the form of export packaging design, keycards, boxes, packaging labels and stationary sets.

The key focus of course would be export packaging designs and their labels, the customers and importers will recognize the brand Fox, most commonly.

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