Fox Depot - Catalogue Design

The Fox Depot catalogue design is an artwork that our agency feels honored to create on a yearly basis. The periodic catalogue design is used to introduce the clients new furniture product line..

With a periodical catalogue design of Fox Depot comes along a new brand, with a new direction on how Fox Depot wants to reflect itself to their clients. The very first catalog design that was created by our agency a few years back, was used for a marketing tool to present their new furniture product line to their clients during an exhibition. 

The developments for today have changed in a way that the catlogue design is still used for print but now mainly used for digital purposes. With enterning the period of 2021 and with it, the restriction of traveling, Fox Depot could not participate at any global exhibition, forcing itself to adapt to the world of digitalisation.


Catalog Cover Design

The Catalogue Design Concept

The COVID 19 event changed how people lived and therefore we wanted to create a new concept for the new Fox Depot Catalogue. 

People started to spend more time in their homes. By beeing stock in their homes a lot of people start renovating and invest more money into home improvement then ever before. 

There are so many home offices build or rooms turned into working space for example. Therefore our design team initiated a new concept to turn each lifestyleimage into a room of fantasies, a room of imagination. Every lifestyle image has been alternated into a room of imagination by removing the physical walls and create a room of dreams giving every reader the imagination and space to fill the room with their own imagination. 

The concept as well was used to give the readers positive motivation and perception that investing in new furniture is a good thing and that Fox Depot stands byside them to make their cleints imagination true.


The Realisation

Although the design at the end looks like simple and clean, the actual development process was taking quiet a lot of time.

People in the creative induustry know that sometimes less is more, but as well less design means more work. Something of course we are an agency needs to justify. It is important to understand that the focus in this specific project is really on getting the right inspiration and getting the right way the realise the inspiration. 

The process to get the right perpective of the rooms, the right colros and as well the right shapes including creating new brand elements used a lot of brand development time. The actual realisiation of the design was done a bit quciker than the previous catalog designs but all the leftover time has been used by our design concept team. 

Less is more, but to be able to get less you need todo more.


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