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Inteltion corporate identity

Inteltion is an IT consulting company based in Thailand that offers specialized technology services to clients from industries of all types. As a company that has worked with big clients like PTT, AIS, and True, and is looking to attract and work with more big clients, they decided to hire Toneyes to rebrand their company. Our company was able to successfully do this by building their corporate identity through their branding design -- which includes powerpoint design, website design, and motion design.

The Concept of the Project

Before we started the project, we held several meetings with the company to discuss our ideas and gain a better understanding of their company and objective. From our meetings, our team decided to focus on branding their company as “an IT development company that implements creative technical thinking” to their target audience. As such, to create a stronger branding design, we devised the slogan “Evolutionizing Businesses”.

After finalizing our concept and slogan, we created moodboards that compiled various ideas for their branding design. After running through our ideas with Inteltion, we decided to use a combination of dark blue, turquoise, red, and white in their powerpoint design, website design, and motion design. We also emphasized the use of dark blue in their branding design to accentuate the slogan and assert the fact that they work with advanced development technologies and big data.

For their website redesign, we decided to use a CMS system. 

Challenges of the Project

One challenge that our team faced during the project was making their designs -- including motion and website design -- fully emphasize the slogan and stand out from other IT companies. This meant we had to avoid using stereotypical images like IT professionals crouching in front of their computers. Instead, we decided on having a more modern, simple, and professional-looking branding design.

corporate presentation preview
corporate presentation detail
corporate presentation detail
corporate presentation detail

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