KreaFeuer - Corporate Identity

KreaFeuer Corporate Identity

Professional Logo Design Services to Shape KreaFeuer and its Brand

With our professional logo design services, we created a unique branding for a articifial fireplace interior designer brand in Switzerland. This technology is creating a save environmental friendly fire in your house by replacing the old fashion fire place in your home. It is a truly revolutionary idea. 

The company KreaFeuer in Switzerland was reaching out to Toneyes to get professional logo design services with the mission to create a unique brand to compete and outshine their competition in Switzerland and Europe. 

KreaFeuer deilivers in whole Europe and is installing the revolutionary idea to create real looking fire with just water steam. The fire does not get hot, it is children safe and you simply can switch on, your fire, in just a second.

As a "Why" for KreaFeuer we focused our selfs on the fire, the first and probably most important discovery of humanity. Now with KreaFeuer you control the fire, a until now uncontrolled nature wonder, with just one switch.

The concept for the logo was to show the brand of KreaFeuer as a high end brand for artificial fireplace manufacturer and interior designer. That was the most important thing; To look classy expensive and well designed. The typeface was shaped from, us minimalisticly, to represent Swiss Design. 

The "F" we shaped into a olympic torch, to represent the control of the fire, and the detailed shadows in the "F" reflects the creativity of the brand that turns fire into a important interior design element for fireplace lovers. 

What our Client Says About our Professional Logo Design Services

 We were included in the early sketches and work on our logo design and the brand idea.  We were really pleased and happy with the professionalism of the professional logo design services of Toneyes.

As a long year partner we already worked with Toneyes since 6 years.

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